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Kyoto Boho bag with tassels and charms

Kyoto Boho bag with tassels and charms

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Also called "Bento or Origami Bag" this beautiful, practical and versatile shoulder bag is the perfect fashion accessory for a gypsy soul. A mix of African Mud cloth print linen and medium indigo denim body and a inside lined with a blend of cotton and linen. The handled is braided with suede leather and features an assortment of charms, beads, pompoms and tassels that gives it the bohemian look.

(*) the color of the leather might vary from the one in the picture, as well the colors of the pompoms.

(*) the charms and beads might vary from the ones in the picture.

Size aprox.: base:  16" X 4"

                    hight: 23" (from the handle)